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What if there's no supply?

Why it's not worth it to pay points

Rent vs. Own

This shows a buyer the advantages of tax savings, appreciation, and principal reduction to lower the cost of owning a home.

It is suggested that both the buyer and agent agree upon a conservative, realistic estimated appreciation. Tax savings are based on the buyer's marginal tax bracket given to the agent.

Since maintenance would be handled by the landlord if the buyer were renting, an estimate of what might be reasonable maintenance is used.

Your Best Investment

This compares the future value of the amount of money necessary for the down payment on a home using three possible alternatives: a certificate of deposit, a stock investment, and purchasing the home. The comparison involves different amounts of risk that are not measured in the example.

Cost of Waiting to Buy

This shows a buyer what can happen to the payment if while they are waiting for the price of the home to come down, the interest rate were to go up.
Due to the higher interest rate, the home may have a higher monthly payment even though the price of the home was less.  Housing affordability is based on price and interest rates.

Low Down Jumbo Loan Program

Do you think you need 20% down for a jumbo loan?  Think again.